How to get Ytils RexMd

Version 0.9.1

Install from Redaxo's add-on installer

Ytils RexMd on Redaxo Installer
Find Ytils RexMd on Redaxo's add-on installer

On the main menu of Redaxo's backend find Installer and then Download new. Then search for ytils_rex_md or scroll down to find the plugin somewhere at the end of alphabetical ordered list of add-ons.


Click view to open the add-on's details. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and pick a version of your requirement (most likely the newest version).

Ytils RexMd download
Download Ytils RexMd

Click download to add the add-on to your Redaxo setup.

Go to installed add-ons
Go to installed add-ons

Click Go to AddOn management. On the next page scroll to ytils_rex_md.

Install Ytils RexMd
Ytils RexMd is ready to be installed

Click install and you are ready to use Ytils RexMd. Check Modules on the main menu. You should now see a new module with the Key Ytils RexMd Markdown editor.

Download RexMd from Github

For developers

RexMd is open source. It is available on GitHub.

You are welcome to contribute to the project or adapt it for your own needs. If you are familiar with Redaxo add-on development, you might want to change it for your own needs.