Ytils RexMd Module: Input/Output

For the developers

The input - only for advanced Redaxo developers

If you want to customize RexMd's module input, you should know what are you doing.

Ytils RexMd uses complex JavaScript that relies on the module's input, especially on the global Ytils.YtilsRexMd Javascript namespace and the data-* attributes on the textarea input. If you want to change the input to something that better fits your purposes, it might be a good idea, to participate in the Open Source project directly - and you are very welcome to do so!

The output

As complex as the input is, as simple is the output.

RexMd's output is just the result of Parsedown's result of the given Markdown input.

By default, RexMd encapsulates the output within a DIV element with the class ytilsRexMd. you can turn this behaviour off in the add-on's settings, or you might change RexMd's output. The default gives you a simple possibility to style the output by simply prefixing your CSS with div.ytilsRexMd.