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Ytils Yupput

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A no-depencies JavaScript UI component that offers the UX of Apple's Spotlight

Yupput has been developed as a valuable component of RexMd. You are very welcome to use Yupput in your own projects.

The Yupput dialogue

Ytils Yupput first impression
First impression of the Yupput dialogue

Pure JavaScript, no depencies, easy to customize

The jump start

Adding Yupput to your project

Download Yupput and then simply add both the CSS and the JavaScript file to your project. Place the CSS link to the <head> of your page and the JavaScript to where your </body> ends.

<!-- (...) -->
  <!-- (...) -->
  <link href="<path-to>/ytils.yupput-0.9.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen" />
  <!-- (...) -->
<!-- (...) -->

<!-- (...) -->
    <script src="<path-to>/ytils.yupput-0.9.js"></script>
        <!-- Yupput instantiation follows here. -->


Basic Yupput usage

The following code snippet demonstrates the basic usage of Yupput. The

var yupput;
var sampleData = { /* Your data here. See detailed documentation. */ };
var yupputSelectionCallback = function(selectedYupputItem, inputValue) {
  console.log("The data object of the selection: " + selectedYupputItem);
  console.log("The current value of the text input: " + inputValue);
  yupput.hide(); // Finally hide the Yupput dialogue (can be configured to automatic hide).

yupput = new Ytils.Yupput(sampleData, yupputSelectionCallback, {
  // Some sample configuration options:
  placeholder: "Your custom placeholder",
  maxItemCount: 3,
  preloadImages: true
  // See detailed documentation for all configuration options.