Ytils Yupput user interface

Version 0.13.3

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See how it works

By default, Yupput can be launched by the keyboard shortcut ctrl+shift+y. Yupput can be configured to be opened by other shortcuts, clicks or other events.

Ytils Yupput in action
Ytils Yupput in action

Start typing


The input area.

After Yupput's launch, Yupput will show you an empty dialogue with the cursor waiting for your search input. Start typing and if you match a search value, you will see search results like shown in the screenshot above.

Type and select

While typing, Yupput filters matching results and displays them live. You can use the up/down keys on your keyboard to move the selection shown at the image above.


An item on Yupput can be selected by Enter or by a click or tap.


The up/down indicator shows whether more records are available.

Closing the dialogue

By default you can hide the Yupput dialogue using the Esc-key or double clicking/tapping the input area.
By default, the dialogue does not close on selection, but it can be configured to do so.

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